MTN Uganda has partially switched off subscribers whose sim cards have not been verified with their National ID as per the UCC directive and barred them from making calls and using most services.

A few Subscribers have been seen ‘exchaging fire’ on social media with the MTN Uganda’s social media team over the switch off before the actual deadline which is 19th May 2017. MTN has, however, come out to swiftly reply that the subscribers that have been disconnected have merely been handed ‘soft suspension’ and they will be reconnected at midday.

A twitter screenshot of a customer complaining about the sudden disconnection and MTN Uganda’s ‘soft suspension’ response.

Since yesterday evening, MTN subscribers were complaining about a break in calls, blocked access to making calls and accessing data services. As the sim card registration draws nearer and closer, telecoms are reminding their subscribers to re-register and validate their sim cards as per the directive of UCC.