MTN silently introduced a new social bundle dubbed ‘SWIFT’ which offers access to Snapchat and Instagram on top of WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook that were available on the WTF bundle.

For a second there I thought I was having a deja vu. Perhaps I had picked up the wrong iPhone but nope, it was the very same phone with my MTN sim card. I noticed an additional bundle called the SWIFT bundle on the list of social media data bundles offered by MTN.

The Daily SWIFT bundle offers 200 MB access of Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter for a period of 24hrs at a cost of 1,000/-. The Weekly SWIFT bundle comes with 400MB at 2,500/- and the monthly SWIFT costs 5,000/-.

To buy a SWIFT bundle on MTN simply dial *150*6# then select an option

Bundle Data Allocated Price * Access to
Daily SWIFT 200 MB * 1,000/- WhatsApp,





Weekly SWIFT 400 MB * 2,500/-
Monthly SWIFT 5,000/-


Well as an MTN subscriber, you ought to enjoy because you can now ‘snap’ away over a reliable 4G network without worrying about burning through your pricey usual data bundle. Considering the growth in usage of Instagram it was only wise for the telecom to avail such a data bundle for its subscribers.

But wait, Africell launched the same bundle on 3rd May and well I am not surprised the yellow telecom reaped off the same bundle ‘name by name’ as it has done before. Actually Vodafone has a limited edition bundle for only students with the same name too for 20,000 a month for 2GB worth of SWIFT. Smart Telecom also launched a similar bundle with a unique name ‘YOLO’ to be precise.

One will wonder whether PR firms run out of data bundle names but let us know what you think in the comments below.