Here and now, technology is a pivot in almost all society’s endeavors. Face to face conversations are getting replaced with merely authenticated communication, with just a touch of a button. (Okay, I don’t blame this on the pot holes in our roads, or maybe the high costs of transport. Or maybe, that people are just momug lazy. It’s just that moment in time where technology is the base of most things).

But hey, isn’t this the dead-on purpose of this new tech and social media? Getting the world connected? Gone are the times of the typewriter and the use of letters, which are now replaced by mobile phones, laptops and email.

These technologies that are meant to make a modern citizen’s life facile, come with unseen anxieties like Cyber Stalking.

Cyberstalking is the act of deliberate taunting via social media or text message made possible by the accessible online presence of over half of the world’s population. Smart phones—for some—have become a sort of limb where many feel ‘lost’ without it, making it extremely easier for individuals to use this as a means of stalking.

Stalkers don’t have to have strong feet, or James Bond spy tactics these days. The fact that many people have at least one social media account, with some information about the owners accessible to all, increases the chance of being stalked, even without your knowledge.

Many people that you don’t know send you Facebook friend requests maybe because of their interest in your profile picture or something on your timeline. Most of these tend to become stalkers as they do anything to divert your path to them,  or get information about you. They may end up releasing an incriminating video, picture or sending threatening messages which  could very well mean the destruction of your happy life.

If you have watched Pretty Little Liars, you should notice that the anxieties linked to cyber stalking are depicted by the media world through this ongoing cultural phenomenon.Many believe it is easier to just point the finger at technology and likeminded television shows as the source of today’s cyber stalking rather than putting the blame of humanity and their choice to abuse the privileges of technology.

People are so attached to their smart devices. They’ve completely forgotten it’s role in cyber stalking. The issue impacts the lives of individuals on an international scale,where individuals are faced with the fear that they too could become the cyber ‘stalkee’. You haven’t been stalked yet? Then sleep tight….. While you still can!