Uganda Communication Commission issued a directive to all phone users to validate their sim card registration information using their National IDs or Passports within 7days or risk being disconnected.

However, majority Ugandans simply laughed at the directive and termed UCC a barking Dog that never takes action with its directives. Some even took to social media to mock UCC over their ‘ridiculous directive. We shall not fall in the same boat and not dare to doubt what UCC is capable of, rather, we shall bring you simple steps to avoid being disconnected.

You don’t have to go for the long queues at the Telecom outlets to complete this but can doing it at the comfort of your smartphone. Below are the steps;

  1. Type *197#

2 Select Prompt 3

3. Enter your national identification number (NIN) the 13 digit number on your ID that starts with CF or CM.

4.Enter your Details

After you’ll receive a confirmation

Do this now and avoid being Disconnected.