The days of social media are taking a different trend and you’ll have to give it up to the people that are actually minting a coin or two using the various platforms. People are tapping into the ever growing social media base to grow their businesses and other causes.

Hashtags swing here and there, noble causes are achieved using social media. Money is being mined from social media thanks to the growing e-commerce platforms that have given people value for money.

In an economy that has seen e-commerce steadily grow over the past years, there is SocialPAY, a platform that is bringing all these ideas onto one platform to enable business owners to grow their business using the power, potential, and exposure to social media. SocialPAY is a mobile-based platform that enables you to sell and advertise your goods or service to people who already know and trust you on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

With SocialPay, business owners are given the power to leverage their existing Social Networks to grow their income and also helps them to combine the numbers on Social Media and the simplicity of Mobile Money Payments to expand their business at almost no cost.

How Does SocialPay Work?

Merchant downloads the SocialPay application from the PlayStore, IOS or uses the Web Version and Registers.

Merchant then defines their product(s), uploads an image and a short link is auto-generated. Merchants can share this link on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Customer clicks on the link to view product(s) or services. The customer selects “Pay Now”, enters a phone number and receives a Mobile Money debit request.

Customer authenticates the debit request and the merchant receives their money.

What are the Benefits of using SocialPAY

Using the SocialPAY platform offers a variety and range of benefits to both merchants and consumers. With the platform, you can grow your market share by reaching out to existing and potential customers on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter et al. That platform also accepts payments using MTN and Airtel Mobile Money, partial payments from customers as a deposit on goods and services offered

Users also get free real-time Statements showing all your financial transactions (deposits and withdraws), Stock / Inventory Management platform for your business and SMS and email notifications for all purchases on made on SocialPAY

The Apps are now available and can be downloaded via the Google PlayStore, iOS Apple Store and there is a web app too.

NB: This is a sponsored article.