I admit am a big sci-fi movie fan. Maybe that is what makes me curious about the future and what it holds for humanity. Okay,  away from the movies, discoveries in science really make you want to live a million years just to see what happens as people become more and more creative every day. The previously unthinkable processes and other stuff are becoming normal. Maybe life will be better off in the future with such ever growing technologies.

There are few things that baffle our minds when you think of how fast technology is growing and you can’t help it but wonder how they will be in the next few years to come.  Here are a few projections of a look in the future;

3D Bio-Printing.

How long do you think your average age is? 45 years? 60 years? or a maximum of 100 years?  But let me tell you that in the coming time, your average age may be 200 years, 300 years or even you can be immortal. These are all possible from the latest discoveries in science, like 3D Bio printing. This is an invention by which a true biological replication of any part of the human body can be made. Meaning, any part of your limbs can be installed at any time without any limit. For example, in the 22nd century, your kidneys have worsened … there is nothing to worry about. You have a lot of options. You can get a replacement from the manufacturing company or an easy transplant can be done.

Unlimited Storage.

One step further in the future, the way you store your photos, videos and other important data securely in the computer will change. Technology will avail storage cards with lots of petabytes. And what if your mind can be stored too on a file on a computer? This means that every person has a big data base of the thoughts of his mind. This is possible in the future.

Artificial Intelligence.

Based on today’s thinking, in the coming years, the biggest problem facing our country or the world will be hunger, population, explosions or terrorism. But Artificial intelligence developed by science will bring in positive results in the future, but will also be the biggest problem. (Imagine the machine and the human being have become one, the machine has started to make decisions like the human brain itself, even the mechanical man has begun to challenge the real human’s power).

And the other thing that goes, are all the definitive assumptions of the future that are going to thrill. We will see many of these revolutionary changes in our lifetime. But at present, we have a duty to fulfil our every moment happily with perfection.