Want to buy hard boiled eggs as Easter present? Take away that elitist tradition! Easter is here and in case you have been wondering what gifts to buy that special one in your world, the world of tech does not disappoint. There are so many gadgets and appliances out there to make this Easter quite a memorable one.

These are the gifts we recommend;
For her….
Ladies first you know. For that special woman in your life, side chic, girlfriend; buy her a Smartphone not a pair of padded buttocks. Let her resurrect that selfie game with a Samsung 8. (Lol, I am kidding) Okay i7, Infinix, Huawei mate are a great variety of midrange and flagship smartphone choices. Those selfies will be your bragging rights when with the boys.
For the woman of the home, that is wife, mother, or the woman who are cohabiting with, it would be perfect to go for a domestic appliance like a blender. That would serve constant nourishment which comes in handy for hangover fangs. It is good to both look healthy when you are living with someone. Not so?

For that little girl at home, buy her LEGO building blocks to enable her to explore her imagination and creativity. Watch her build her castle as she imagines her reign as a queen.
For him….

Men love toys too. Photography is the in-thing and many are trying their hand at capturing images. The perfect gift for him this Easter is none other than DSLR camera. This cuts across from teens to adults. Instagram and snap chat filters are not enough. DSLR cameras preferably Nikon and Canon brands are readily available in stores around town.
Another wise gift for him is a laptop and MiFi. Regardless of occupation, internet connectivity is a basic requirement. Let’s go tech and digital this Easter.

Happy holidays.

This is a guest blog for the Easter Holiday.