In a cut-throat economy where employers are asking a minimum of 5 years experience in order to even make them take a look through an applicant’s CV is maybe asking for way too much from the fresh graduates. Year in year out universities churn out millions and million into an already narrow and suffocated job market.

In an era where jobs and the youth are playing cat and mouse games, there is little or no ray of hope at all for them to ever get a Job after all years they spent in campus. In that sense, a team of youth came up with a portal that seeks to help the youth find Jobs that can be easily attained and don’t require the ‘outrageous’ years of experience that employers ask for.

Hire The Youth a youth-led initiative to make society more inclusive, fair and responsive to young people’s unemployment challenges. It achieves its mission by giving a platform to the most marginalized young people and by helping fight this issue.

The online initiative aims to help young people aged 15-30 who are in / out of school, unemployed or underemployed overcome the barriers to employment by pushing forward campaigns that drive educational reforms and youth empowerment .

Mr Ssenkubuge Kenneth the lead brain behind the idea says that Hire The Youth initiative helps avail youth friendly opportunities  to make a successful transition to employment.

The Look of the Portal

“We aim to dispel the negative stereotypes of young people by giving them a platform where they can express themselves and issues affecting them. Developed, run and managed by young people”, he notes

Hire The Youth wants young people to be independent, happy, flourish, get a job, workout who they are, irrespective of their background. This will help them make connections that will help them achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.