Considering how connected world is getting, with smart devices becoming everyone’s ultimate dream, the latest frontier in small businesses or big corporate businesses is mobile apps. For barefaced reasons, mobile apps are seamlessly becoming popular in the business sector since an app can somewhat help the business to spike it’s success curve skyward.

You might be wondering how businesses harness advantages from mobile apps. During the three days of a recent Hackathon at Innovation Village Ntinda an incubation Hub, I got an opportunity to interact with many app developers and coders. Aside from the usual “what’s up” talk,  I had to take on some really geeky conversations from these guys. These genius minds provided me with information regarding what to put into consideration for an awesome app, one that’s capable of bringing returns to you or your business. Of course, your app must boast galvanising features like an excellent user interface, the alluring design must be user-friendly among others. Today am going to point out 4 indispensable requisites for a palmy mobile app.

Have Intel about the Market and Target Audience

App stores like Google Play Store or Apple’s App store offer a great deal of volition for smartphone owners with the diverse range of applications. Knowing what people actually want in an app works in your best interest. Sometimes, great ideas also fail when applied practically without ample research when making decisions. Choose your target audience, afterwards examine your users in detail. Make analysis, like why your target audience will pick your service or product. Identify your customers will use easily and understand the needs of your audience.

Strategic Marketing

Most companies often undervalue the time, and resources needed for the app to get into the minds of the target market and its acquisition both before and after launching. Different approaches for marketing and user acquisition should be applied all pointed towards the target market. For example advertising the application on television, online or anywhere you see fit. Also, apply strategic planning like; early outreach, offering early sign-up pages, Product sites and App store optimisation and discovery.

Positive User Experience

Let most of your effort be geared towards the foremost basic functions of the app. The app must do what it is supposed to do very well. This ensures a positive user experience. In case the app is slow at its basic functions, then it will result in poor usability. Hence, the concern must be given on issues like app performance issues (slow or lagging), loading time, difficulty in accessing features and etc. To subjugate the heart of your users, you should provide a positive user experience.

Thorough Testing

Testing is the crucial step in app development. Most bugs in the apps are found by the end user, who then express them to the developer through feedback or reviews in app stores. A proper quality assurance process that involves critical follow-up of user reviews, helps your team to deliver an excellent product, based on user needs. This helps you know what your app misses so you can add it to offer the best to your users, free from bugs.

Good luck building your app.