Smartphones are fragile and have taken most of our ‘little times’ in pursuit for our handling with care. I would imagine how many people would rather drop a glass of drinking water instead of their smartphones. Holy Rice is the talk of town and everyone is still astonished at how someone can dub rice, holy! Well i did and for as long as smartphones can be brought back to life thanks to rice, then there is ‘Holy Rice’

On a recent rendezvous in the mid-week, i was faced with a saga and the myth that rice brings smartphones back to life, came true.

When i waited for my Uber to drop me back home after a few rounds of drinks with my friends, i grew impatient and jumped onto a boda-boda to roll back home in the wee hours of the night. Hardly had i moved a few blocks from the bar i was when it started raining heavily, I was doomed, there was no shelter and i was tipsy. I said to myself, whatever! I told the cyclist to simply go on in the rain, it had already gotten me wet.

On reaching home, my phone was soaked up in water, my pants were soggy and was literally dripping. My phone was no more, it blinked and never moved again. It was dead, the sensor would not work, i received calls and calls but couldn’t swipe to receive the call. It was as good as useless.

I posted, I was disgruntled. My phone had gone.

My Reaction on Facebook after the Phone died and the ‘savior’ comment

In my comment section of my Facebook post, there was a sarcastic comment. On here, a friend advised that i put the phone in a sack of rice that it would dry up. I didn’t mind her, i ignored her. When i got home and all hope was lost, the comment came ringing back and i gave it a try.

In my cupboard, i had a half sack of rice. I took my phone and dipped it in there for about an hour with little hope the trick actually works. However, after a few minutes of dipping my dead Infinix Hot 4 in a sack of rice, i was all surprises and smiles to see the dead sensor back on again and actually working fine and perfect. Is this ‘holy rice’? i thought to myself.

In an article run by The Verge about a few years ago, Regardless of the evidence, the rice trick endures because it sounds right, even if it isn’t: rice absorbs water; absorbing water is key to saving a phone; so rice will save your phone. And every time a phone falls into a toilet or sink, the trick is transmitted anew, from parent to child, from friend to friend. Countless testimonials speak to the efficacy of rice. I have my own: I’ve personally dried my phone in rice a number of times — once, I used quinoa. It worked every time. Every time I repeat these stories, which I do freely, I contribute to the rice trick’s myth.

The rice trick does have one unique and very powerful property. The worst thing you can do to a wet phone is to power it up before it dries completely — doing that is cell phone homicide in the first degree. Unlike leaving the phone on a sunny windowsill, the rice trick places the phone out of sight, and maybe out of mind.

The grain may not guard the device from the destructive powers of water, but the trick does temporarily remove a much more dangerous element: us, and our impatient, tech-driven neuroses. Spending 12 hours, 24 hours, or even a few days — depending on the instructions you follow — without your phone can be hard. Having it sit in plain view makes it harder. We’re tempted to power up too soon, and kill the very thing we crave.

But if we believe in the rice trick, we give it time to work its magic — time that maybe would have saved the phone with or without the rice. In effect, the rice trick only works because we believe it does.
My Infinix Hot 4 is now back and running as it was.