The Uganda Police Force recently rolled a Crime Preventer Uganda App that was aimed at beefing the police initiative of community policing to get the community to help curb crime. The app that was rolled by the Police a few weeks back is currently standing at one hundred downloads on the Play Store.

The App overview

The Crime Preventer Uganda App comes off with a liner interface with a number of provisions that help you navigate the app easily if you have to use any category to get information.  On the app, you can Report Crime from any location you are provided you have the app. You are able to do so by simply entering a few details by tapping the “Report Crime” icon which will ask for an image of the scene which optional, Your location, the category of the crime, type of crime and your full names plus your contact.

The time duration of response from the Police to take action is not yet clear and is not indicated by the police on how long they take to respond.

There are various categories too which allow you to view the traffic to help you plan your destination but since it’s launch the videos showing are internet videos of roads not in Uganda. The section is shallow on information and only has a few locations of traffic.

The App also has a provision of you viewing nearby police stations in your locality. The plugin has been linked to Google Maps and it’s barely updated with most important known police stations making it highly misleading.

The only updated section is the leadership section which has the hierarchy of leadership in the police department.  The other vital section is that you can schedule visits for suspects that are in police custody and haven’t yet fully been served with sentences by court.

Most Importantly about the app is that the Police can use it to inform the general public on suspects and wanted persons by the police. Such information is shared by the police to help curb crime.

User Interface and Navigation

The User Interface of the app is way too amateurish and was done with very poor graphics. Navigating the app is far much easy but most categories are devoid of information that could help any app users who may have downloaded the application. The app which is seemingly still in the making has a long way to go to fully serve as an official app of an institution that big.


Key to note that app is fast to ask for Data which may be a bit worrying for the general public as most data requested for could be highly personal. Some vital sections leave some questions unanswered and this alone is way worrying as an app should answer most questions and safety of information. The Crime Preventer App answers none.

The Good

The App could help in curbing crime if it’s fully developed

The navigation is okay


The Bad

The User Interface is Horrible

The Graphics are amateurish

Devoid vital Information

Low safety on the app

Data mining tool